Published as a pamphlet at the students’ exhibition at the Art Academy in Trondheim (1984), and later in El Djarida (no. 3, 1986).




Guttorm Nordø



i had a dream. about Art. being a long time now since i woke up and discovered that dreams are difficult to keep.

you may say i need an explanation for the following sentences’ lack of continuity and tendences toward verbal magic and cHaos. but i know my schizo-logical rights:


ERGO:art….ergo EGO


there is something degrading about being an artist, at least here in NOrWAY, where artists generally are regarded as deviants and parasites on society. a guy i know told me that during a train journey he found himSelf in conversation with a fellow traveller – and when the inevitable question in nowegian conversations arised: “what do you do for a living?”, he just di-didnt dare to say that he tried to make a living by producing art. instead he told a lie and said he was a master of the plumbing trade. earlier reactions from strangers had taught him to be careful of telling too much. this is how it is (schpank!). in the Social dRama an artist is easily transformed to a plumber.



this is understandable if one opens ones eyes to the fact that 95% of the population (Babylon, Noway dept.) dont understand a shit of why they need all this la-la-art.




in the same way as the language is raped by the falsity of the words, i experience more and more often how the visual language is suffering (whang!) more frequent attempts of strangling, mainly by advertising and the mASSmedia.

as a great scorn toward all creaCtivity, the advertising agencys base their existence on the theft of art. all new ideas are pounced upon by advertising agencys, distorted and spewed out into reality, to fall neathy into its place in the visual rubbish heap. tac clap tagadap.


how can i expect me to become absorbed in a visual language when i dont know how to use it?  i don’t even know if it exists among these enormous piles of fastprint simplicities of rubbish.


the times i like art, is when it gets in there and tugs at my prejudice. it fascinates me therefore that so many neurotics use their art for purely self-terapeutic reasons. (QUAG!) or – the artist without identity (me?), who doesnt work from a vision, but uses all energy to conform his/her work to the artMarket’s expectations: art is a ProDuct, valued according to norms and guidelines set by the International Art Mafia (Ltd.): a correct timing and form of the works give hope to economic protection. pro-fit-ka-booomm!

i can imagine that the essence of art is to render life – and that interest for art therefore means interest in life.




but it is obvious that there are many who havent discovered art in life – they prefer the reproduction rather than the object itself. it can seem like the sense for the actual form has taken over in the “common soul” of the artists.


lately i have had greater and greater (greater) difficulty in finding a messAge in much of what is being served. art could be more orientated toward action – give expression to activity, and not only support the unengaged attitude which is evident in most galleries.

and since i now have started complaining; why am i so franticly afraid of being robbed of my ideas and “concepts”? (harkel!) isnt art (art?) to steal and not get caught?

andandund why (why?) is art founded on such a play-pen mentality, which make me scream out my desperate need to take out a copyright on and monopolise my creactivity?




that artists should be communicaters of the wordless, the unsaid, is the accepted rule through years. i should in a way solely concern myself with the visual  expression. WRUNCH – i hereby protest silently to this mistake, and reserve the right to express anything (thing) i dont mean.


in this yera (damned!) YEAR! of war 1983 in the middle of the 68th WorldWar (which has been going on since 1945) – here, lulled in the “civilized” worlds synthetic satisfaction and total confUsion, it is time to raise the Question (again): “what shall we do about this fArt?”


i only ask but have no intention of even attempting to give an answer. i (dont) belong among those idiots who in Gods (or someone elses) name want to save the world with periferal blaBBering and pissTalk. the only (pling!) way for an exploded artist must be to aim toward a posthumous acceptance – if acceptance and rocknroll/cartoonstar status is so goddamn important.


you should be aware of the indolence of Matter and understand the results of your actions in relation to the elements of time. this concerns everyone (of course yeahyeah) who works with the development of the Society: don’t expect any acceptance from the Surroundings if the things you do have poWer (wumpt!).

how many of the greAt artists, founders of religions, mystics, philosophers, alcymists, literats, scientists, musicians and other creactors have achieved acceptance from their surroundings while aLive? Almost




just wait for a (wet) posthumous redress.

  AND in more ways than one we are caught up in our own understanding of reality. but nothing is unchangeable. if anything is certain, it is only in our minds. see life as an alchemic process: Spirit confronting Matter, ruled by constant reAction and change, everything moving, always changing


toc toc toc…


art (also) is in every moment a part in this process: as an attitude to life, or rather: a possession!

just to touch on the religious/mythic association with art: what brings these together is that they stem from – and express – the same source: Holy Spirit and Heavenly inspiration…cutting out – and sovereign compared to the rational, limited intellect

     ..POW! …..but, the THING WRONG IN THE PROCESSOR call tab ……end.