”Lidová Democracie” (Czechoslovakia), June 14th 1990




Opava Admires the Norwegian



What does the contemporary Norwegian drawing and graphic art look like?

So far, Edvard Munch is the only painter from Norway known in Czechoslovakia.


A remarkable exhibition installed in the Studio in the ”Lower Square” in Opava tries to answer  this question. Visitors can admire a collection of works by Guttorm Nordø, a graphic artist and columnist.


This young artist (born in 1960) will probably strike you as highly anxious – the drawings of his people and animals resemble the devils and basilisks found in medieval manuscripts written in the north of Europe. Yet, his is a very expressive, contemporary, and modern work: through its dispersion and deliberate rejection of ”loveliness”, it ranges with the so-called ”alternative”, the movement that apprehended the threat of a vulgar, ”consumption” relationship between the artist and the ”customer”. To prevent gallery-owners and managers from devouring the artist’s creative freedom, the ”alternative” artists prefer cheap or plain materials, cheap technology (xerox), and sombre colours. Nordø only uses black and white; besides, the public is not informed about this art by means of glossy catalogues and other types of alluring advertising, but by means of ordinary mail-art…the whole of Guttorm Nordø’s exhibition arrived in Czechoslovakia in two big envelopes! It will last until June 15th.